Leg Compression Pump Full System (Standard)

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Increasing circulation and promoting lymphatic movement, the Vive leg compression pump relieves swelling and leg pain and reduces muscle fatigue. With three modes of operation and adjustable pressure settings, the Vive sequential leg compression pump works to relieve symptoms related to venous edema, lymphedema, post-thrombotic syndrome, peripheral arterial disease, DVT, PE, and diabetes. The lightweight pump is portable and includes a remote control for added convenience.


  • Effective Compression Therapy

Perfect for pre and post workouts, as well as rehabilitation, the sequential compression pump effectively increases circulation to treat swelling and leg pain, venous edema, lymphedema, post-thrombotic syndrome, peripheral arterial disease, diabetes and other conditions. Gentle air compression therapy improves blood circulation and enhances the pressure of muscular tissues to relieve sore muscles. 

  • Replacement Sleeve Only Included

Designed for use with the Vive arm compression pump system, the Vive replacement arm sleeve easily slides on, providing a comfortable fit for compression therapy aiding post-workout recovery and rehabilitation following an injury or surgery.

  • Easy To Setup And Use

Lightweight and portable, the leg compression pump is easy to use. Color-coded air hoses ensure a hassle-free setup when connecting the zippered leg cuffs to the air pump. The leg compression pump settings are easy to adjust on the high contrast pump display, allowing each chamber to be selected individually for a customized treatment session. Settings can also be changed by using the included wireless remote control.

  • Three Variable Modes And Sessions

Three modes can be adjusted in intensity for optimal compression relief. Mode A massages the legs to increase circulation. Mode B is useful for lymphatic edema, while mode C is a combination for relaxation and muscle recovery. Treatment sessions can be set at 10 minute, 20 minute or 30 minute intervals. 

  • Adjustable Pressure Pump

The air compression pump is easily adjusted,  increasing or decreasing the air pressure between 30-250 mmHg. The pressure can be adjusted on the portable pump or the wireless remote control. 


  • What’s Included:

    • 1x Pump

    • 1x Remote (to control the pump)

    • 2x Leg sleeves

    • 2x Leg Sleeve Extenders (Come attached to the leg sleeves)

    • 1x Set of Air tubes (connect the leg sleeves to the pump)

    • 1x color manual (booklet)

    • 1x quick start insert (folded - accordion )

Color(s): black/gray pump, black sleeves, gray air tubes, black remote

Size(s): the leg sleeves are one size

  • Product Dimensions: 

    • Pump: 9.5” (Width) x 7”(length) x 4” (height)

  • Product Weight: 

    • Pump: 4.6 lbs

Material(s): Nylon / plastic

Latex free yes

Care: spot clean with a damp cloth and dry immediately

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