WHILL Model C2

Sale price$4,999.99


The WHILL Model C2 is an innovative blend of a scooter and a power wheelchair, offering you the benefits of both. This power chair is super easy to maneuver, thanks to a palm guided joystick. Because there's no tiller in the front of the chair, you have plenty of legroom, and the chair has a smaller turning radius than the scooters and power wheelchairs you've seen. It's ready to go anywhere with you, indoors or out.
  • Simple to operate and makes tight turns to get you wherever you need to go
  • Disassembles in four easy steps. The Model C2 can be disassembled for easy transportation in the trunk of any car
  • Easily adjusted from seat height and back support angle to controller position (right or left drive) to create a comfortable driving experience
  • Including a remote lock and the ability to adjust the max speed for added safety
  • A drive range of 11 miles and a maximum speed of 5 mph 
  • A weight capacity of 300lbs
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